Seismic Review
And Engineering

Our location and geological history have made it necessary for us to include ‘lateral resistance’ into the design of new homes to ensure a level of safety previously not considered in residential design. Skyline Drafting and Design specializes in this application in all our custom home designs and taking this into consideration during all aspects of our design, we can provide our clients a home design that meets and exceeds the minimum requirements stipulated by all municipalities in this seismic zone.

We also provide the required seismic and engineering services to clients and contractors who have home designs provided by other plan drawers and are in need of adding this important aspect to their own home designs. With the support of Professional Engineers working directly with Skyline, we ensure that all seismic and engineering reviews of other plans are returned to our clients in the shortest turnaround period available in support of tight construction schedules.

We take pride in knowing that we have provided families and contractors on Vancouver Island the highest level of integrated seismic security and engineering in close to a thousand home reviews in the last few years alone and we will remain committed to this effort in all future custom home designs. Trust in Skyline Drafting and Design to provide this same high standard of performance when designing and engineering your new home.

Commercial Building Design,
Engineering, and Seismic

Working in conjunction with our in-house as well as outside sourced support members, Skyline can offer full design, engineering, and seismic review services for commercial building projects on and off Vancouver Island. Complete building plans, Architectural drawings, Structural drawings, as well as project management and logistics support are all available from and supported by members of the Skyline teams.

We also support structural review services of outside sourced building plans in need of seismic review and/or engineering services including all necessary and relevant documentation as required by the municipality in which you are building. Full exterior building rendering packages are also available in support of any project you may have.



We plan and analyze each project to optimize your investment.


We offer integrated services creating personalized and original designs.


Working together to guarantee your satisfaction.

Seismic Hazard Zones on Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island is situated directly on the Cascadia Plate between the Pacific and Continental Plates that border the West Coast of Canada. Government and municipal guidelines govern the degree of hazard within specific zones, and we provide seismic design based on hazard charts and tables specific to each geographical area of the island.

City of Nanaimo

Home to many of our clients, the East coast of Vancouver Island including the City of Nanaimo is well within a high seismic zone. Seismic reviews and designs by Skyline are specifically designed to support lateral restraint conditions and meet and/or exceed minimum guidelines in all aspects of municipal and BCBC 2018 construction standards.

Integrated Design

Integrated seismic design and engineering by Skyline provide families a sense of comfort in the knowledge that our designs pay specific attention to these standards and details, and thus providing our clients a high degree of confidence in all our seismic reviews and engineering services.

On-Site Construction Reviews

By providing the required field reviews during construction, we can assure you that all the minimum seismic and engineering aspects have been correctly applied directly into the construction of your new home. Skyline provides all documentation for this process signed and sealed by our engineering team.